Inel de logodna cu diamante din aur roz ES246

Inele de logodna cu diamante

Engagement rings Invaluable
moments with engagement rings with precious diamonds

Nothing shows you more love as a symbol of love, a model of engagement rings with precious diamonds. Marriage requests or renewal of vows are truly dear moments, which remain with us all our lives. To celebrate them and keep their memory alive, transposing the memories into a diamond ring is the most inspired choice.
Every day, you can watch and admire the moments spent with your loved one and you can smile whenever you look at him.
The ring, through the circular shape itself, shows a renewal, a continuity of emotions that come and go in another form.
In addition, this accessory made by Esan artisans is, in addition to an artistic statement, an effect accessory.
You can opt for diamond engagement ringswhite, blue diamond, green diamond, brown diamond, pink diamond (pink), yellow diamond and black diamond. Equally attractive is the classic colorless diamond, with translucent sparkles.
And the color of gold can be personalized for this unique gift, with: white gold, pink gold and 14k or 18k yellow gold.
The shape of the crystal can vary in: round diamond, square diamond, tear diamond, marquise diamond, oval diamond, emerald diamond, etc.).
We welcome you with several styles, depending on the type of stones: gold ring with solitaire diamond , entourage, three-stones and side-stones, two-stones, eternity.
We offer you the superior quality of diamonds at the best price, accompanied by a guarantee certificate, free transport in Romania and a wooden gift box.

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